9 reasons why you should visit Negeri Sembilan
Golf, history and adventure abound in the state closest to Kuala Lumpur

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Anyone driving through Negeri Sembilan will notice the wide prevalence of hooved roofs, a result of the deep Sumatran or Minangkabau roots it enjoys.

There are many golf courses for the intrepid golfer to take on, mountains to climb, parks to trek through and beaches to frolic on.

1. Nilai Springs Golf and Country Club — It is a 27-hole golf course, located about 40 minutes outside Kuala Lumpur. For golfers who thrive on challenges, the golf course is not short of exciting offerings. Its sand traps, water hazards, island greens and three very special signature holes are sure to provide a memorable test.
2. Sri Menanti Palace — Sri Menanti is the royal capital of Negeri Sembilan. This former royal palace, built of wood about 110 years ago without using a single nail, has been a museum of royal regalia since 1992 and contains interesting displays of costumes, furniture, weapons and other paraphernalia.
3. Port Dickson Beaches — Port Dickson is a popular beach resort due to its close proximity to KL.
4. Gunung Datuk — Only 884 metres high, it provides a good workout and excellent views from the top. It is easily accessible for a day trip from Kuala Lumpur.
5. Gunung Angsi — This mountain is even closer to KL and is a popular climbing spot. It is a similar height to Gunung Datuk and quite an exhausting walk.
6. Centipede Temple – Along the lines of Penang’s famed Snake Temple comes this temple. The name is Then Sze Khoon and it is located in Seremban.
7. Lukut Museum — At Lukut you can wander among the hilltop remains of a 19th century fort before visiting the neighbouring Lukut Museum which contains a Lukut Historical Gallery and other interesting artefacts.
8. Gemencheh Bridge (Sungai Kelamah) Memorial — This memorial marks the site of a battle at Gemencheh Bridge during World War Two where allied forces ambushed advancing Japanese troops. Many lives were lost here.
9. Pengkalan Kempas Historical Complex — The tiny town of Pengkalan Kempas contains a historic tomb and ancient megaliths as well as a fishing jetty on the River Linggi.


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