Five Foodie Choices at Horizon Hills

Five Foodie Choices at Horizon Hills

Get ready to satisfy your palate!


Cucuk Udang Pan Fried Atlantic Salmon Fillet Cantonese Fried Ying Yong Crispy Baguette Roll with Creamy Chicken Soup Tulang Rawan

Golfers planning to play in Horizon Hills Golf and Country Club in Johor have a lot to look forward to after their round.


Soup Tulang Rawan (Beef Rid Soup)

Soup Tulang Rawan or Beef Rib Bone is an aromatic beef soup, flavoured with local spices. It’s similar like Indonesian boiled beef soup (bakso).

One of the famous dishes in Malaysia, Soup Tulang Rawan is suitable go together with rice or bread


Cucur Udang(Prawn Fritter)

Cucur udang or prawn fritters, is a perennial favourite with almost every Malaysian.Prawn fritters, are eaten as everning tea snacks or as an appetizer to main meals. Cucur Udang is also commonly known amongst Malaysians as “jemput jemput”.


Cantonese Fried Ying Yong

Char Yin Yong is similar to Wa Tan Hor but the gravy and the noodle are darker. That’s why you can find the Yin Yong here is darker in colour compared to Wa Tan Hor. But it is just as tasty!


Crispy Baguette Roll with Creamy Chicken

Chicken cream on a freshly baked baguette with sun dried minced chicken and PHILADELPHIA Spreadable Cream Cheese. Made in just 10 minutes!


Pan Fried Atlantic Salmon Fillet

There’s nothing like a piece of perfectly cooked salmon with a crispy, crunchy skin, nicely complemented by a spring vegetable broth.




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